Patrick LaRow Named Director of Greenwich P&Z

The Town of Greenwich Planning & Zoning Commission announced Friday morning that P&Z Deputy Director Patrick LaRow has accepted the position of Director, Planning & Zoning and Zoning Enforcement effective January 2023. 

Mr. LaRow has worked with the Town since 2007, rising from Senior Planner to Deputy Director of the Department. Previously he was a Planning Associate with Fredrick P.  Clark in Albany.

LaRow earned his Master’s degree in Regional Planning from SUNY Albany and his B.A. in Environmental Design / Architecture from SUNY Buffalo.  He is Certified as a Planner by the American Institute of Certified Planners.

In 2018, LaRow was recognized as Town of Greenwich Manager of the Year.

LaRow grew up in New York State where he earned his Eagle Scout badge.  He now lives in Greenwich with his wife, Allison, and their children.

“The Commission is delighted to welcome LaRow to his new role following his 15 years of commitment and service to our community,” they said in a release Friday morning.

LaRow will replace Katie DeLuca who is retiring at the end of 2022.

Margarita Alban, chair of the P&Z commission said, “Over the years, Pat has repeatedly proven his professionalism and commitment. I’m looking forward to seeing him grow even more in this new position. As a resident, Pat understands the importance of enhancing the unique beauty of Greenwich. I’m also particularly hopeful that the transparency and outreach which now hallmark P&Z will blossom further in the years ahead.”

When reached for comment, First Selectman Fred Camillo also expressed his support. 

“While we will miss Katie and wish you all the best in the next chapter of her life, we are really excited to have Pat assume the leadership position for zoning here in town,” Camillo said. “Pat has the experience, institutional knowledge, temperament, and passion for the town that is needed in this role. I wish him well and look forward to many years of success as we continue moving forward in challenging times.”

Ms DeLuca said, “The secret to keeping Greenwich a world class community with a small town feel is the hundreds of volunteers and citizens who care deeply about our community. There is no doubt Pat is the right candidate to continue the critical partnerships needed as Town Planner. I have enjoyed working with him tremendously over the years and know he is a hard worker with a very strong knowledge base. He is personally invested in the community and best of all he has a fantastic sense of humor to make it fun along the way.”

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