Malloy on Trump Pulling US from Paris Climate Accord: Grave Mistake

“Withdrawing the United States from the Paris Agreement is a grave mistake,” Malloy said. “And it is our future generations who will pay the price.”

Malloy said the US has a proud history of leading by example and does not cower from the hard work of making the world a safer place.

“History will judge this presidential administration harshly for its collective failure to address one of the most pressing global issues of our lifetime,” he said.

Malloy said Connecticut will continue to build on efforts to address climate change with “common sense, practical initiatives” that will help to build and grow the economy.

“Unfortunately, we lack a strong partner at the federal level as we go about this incredibly important work,” he concluded.

Last month, Governor Malloy and eleven other U.S. governors wrote a letter to President Trump urging him not to pull out of the agreement.