Greenwich Covid-19 Update: We Don’t Think Any Outdoor Events Needs to Be Canceled

As of Thursday, Sept 15, Greenwich Hospital was treating 9 Covid-positive patients. Only one had been vaccinated. There was one patient in the ICU and on a ventilator. System wide, 98 patients were being treated, whereas last week there were at 132.

“We’re really still flattening,” said Dana Marnane, Vice President of Public Relations at Greenwich Hospital.

“Here in town we seem to be flattening out the last three or four weeks,” said First Selectman Fred Camillo. “We’re definitely encouraged by that…I think the high vaccination rates are working and the policies and procedures in place are working.”

“The Mu variant – the prognosis of that has changed and it’s not thought to be as potent as the Delta variant was.”

“People should still get vaccinated. If you’re not still, please get vaccinated,” Marnane said.

Camillo said, “We’re telling people, you’re more than welcome to wear a mask wherever. Our policies for indoor buildings – it’s only for common areas, but if you can keep a space, you don’t have to wear it.”

“We’ve been telling people, don’t cancel things,” Camillo continued. “We’ve been saying that for months. Even when we went in the red zone, we said don’t cancel these events because we know how to do this because they’re outside, keeping a distance. And in the past few weeks, since these big events have passed, there wasn’t a spike….We want normalcy in people’s lives.”

“I think we’re doing a great job here,” he added. “Overall, we seem to be seeing a good trend. And that could be owing to people being cautious, people being vaccinated. Certainly when we did the mask policy again here, our numbers were on the upswing and they flattened out pretty quickly.”

As of September 14, the total cumulative number of positive cases in Greenwich since the start of the pandemic was 5,652.

That reflects an increase of 49 cases from Sept 7.

The town has 55 active cases, which was down 3 from the previous week. 

The death rate has not increased in almost a month. It remains at 90.

Based on Greenwich’s total eligible population of 52,482 (people age 12+) 85.38% have initiated vaccination, and 78.72% were fully vaccinated.