Democratic Town Committee Issues Statement on Alex Kasser’s Re-election

Statement from the Democratic Town Committee on Alex Kasser’s Re-Election:

We are thrilled that Alex Kasser has once again secured the seat for the 36th Senatorial District, which includes all of Greenwich and portions of Stamford and New Canaan, with an even stronger showing than she had in 2018. Alex Kasser’s result in Greenwich stands as a watershed moment in our Town’s electoral history.

She lost this once Republican-dominated town by only 238 votes, which is the lowest margin of loss in Greenwich for a Democratic senatorial candidate that we can recollect.

Kasser herself lost in Greenwich by 970 votes in 2018 and the prior Democratic candidate for this seat lost in Greenwich by 6,175 votes in 2016.

This shrinking margin reveals two important realities:
The first is that Greenwich is evolving politically, away from GOP extremism and toward centrist Democrats. The second is that Kasser gained substantial ground in Greenwich – and moved us to within a fraction of a point of the overall vote count.

Kasser earned this seat with hard work and grit. Her campaign had an unprecedented field operation of over 100,000 voter contact attempts – which are calls made and doors knocked.

By proving herself to be a leader across multiple policy areas, Kasser garnered unprecedented support as a Democrat in Greenwich.

While Kasser ran an issue-centric campaign informed by voter input, her opponent ran a campaign of baseless attacks on her character. Fazio’s personal attack ads clearly failed.

And going forward, we sincerely hope the GOP will change course and have the courage to run on substantive policy solutions and facts, not fake videos and false and defamatory stories cooked up by right-wing bloggers and campaign advisers.

Greenwich Democratic Town Committee