Camillo: Citizens Rejected “Gutter Style Politics”

To the editor…

To the good people of the 151st District….THANK YOU for once again allowing me the opportunity to represent you at the State Capitol in Hartford. It has been an honor these past eight years to be your voice in the Connecticut General Assembly.

I am looking forward to starting my new term in January, and as always, updating all on what is happening at the seat of state government. I will also continue to work on legislation that I believe will prove beneficial to you as well as to the rest of the residents of our great state.

I do hope that the campaign that was just concluded will be a thing of the past and we can get back to having people run for office that aren’t afraid to run on their own records and who avoid sending misleading mailers with incorrect information in them. I love my hometown too much to see it descend into the “do anything to win ” gutter style politics that certain people employed. The good news is a solid majority of our citizens rejected it.  I would also like to state how proud I am of my colleagues in the Greenwich Delegation that have not and did not engage in behavior like that.

God bless you, and thanks again.

See you around in the district, as always….!Sincerely,

Fredd Camillo
State Representative
151st District