Board of Selectmen Approve Speed Limits for Two Local Roads

On Thursday the Board of Selectmen approved a request to establish a speed limit on two local roads, Meadow Drive off Orchard in Cos Cob and Hearthstone Drive in Riverside near Riverside School.

Deputy Police Chief Mark Marino and DPW’s Deputy Commissioner Jim Michel went before the Selectmen with the proposal.

Both were approved for 25 mph speed limits. Mr. Michel said it was an old wive’s tale that Greenwich has a town speed limit though most roads with posted speed limits are 25mph or 35mph.

Not only does Greenwich not have a town speed limit, but Connecticut doesn’t have one either.

In New York there is a state speed limit, so if a speed limit sign is not posted the state limit takes over.

In Greenwich, roads that are not posted likely don’t have a set speed limit for police to enforce. “It has to be posted,” explained Lt Slusarz. “There is a statute regarding traveling unreasonably fast for conditions. It talks about your speed being unreasonable with regard to place, neighborhood, traffic and weather conditions,” Slusarz added.

When residents request a speed limit be posted they submit petitions before the selectmen who serve as the town’s traffic authority.

“They deliberate and look at what the traffic engineering study is for a posted speed limit,” he said.

Residents seeking a speed limit on their street should contact DPW who will tell them the process, which involves a study. From there it is presented to the Selectmen for consideration.