Zaniac Greenwich Co-Founders Like to Party (with Moms)

When Remy Cook of Party with Moms asked the co-founders of Zaniac Greenwich, Camila Gazal and Flavia Naslausky, what personal achievement they are most proud of, Camila summed up what just about every mom dreams of.

“Finding a way to be professionally satisfied without having to sacrifice spending time with my family,” she replied. Easier said than done, or maybe this pair just make it look easy because they love what they do.

Flavia was asked what is her greatest talent, and like many moms strong suit, she replied, “The ability to multi-task.”

Screen Shot 2014-06-23 at 11.00.35 AM

Teen instructor Spencer Heim at Zaniac Greenwich. Credit: Leslie Yager

The duo have struck a chord in town with their venture, Zaniac Greenwich, tapping into a demand for after school, weekend and vacation enrichment that goes beyond arts and crafts and is way more fun than straight up tutoring. Their curriculum emphasizes STEM, and computers line the bright classrooms and common areas.

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Contributed photo.

The staff are mainly local teens and twenty-somethings who find the curriculum compelling and a knack for working with children. The formula seems to work, as the operation is constantly busy despite only opening as recently as December 2013.

Read Remy Cook’s full interview with Camila and Flavia.

Zaniac Greenwich  is located at 644 East Putnam Ave on the second floor. Tel. (203) 918-9264

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Flavia:  The ability to multi-task!