‘Woolly Acres Farm’ is AirBnb’s Star in CT

AirBnb announced on Wednesday the #1 most hospitable host in the entire state of Connecticut – Chris and Airika from Glastonbury, with their listing Woolly Acres Farm.

AirBnb said this stems from the release of a wider report highlighting the most hospitable host in each of the 50 US states.

Woolly Acres Farm in Glastonbury.

The criteria was achieving a 100% rate of 5-star reviews in the categories Cleanliness, Check-in and Communication (with a minimum of 100 reviews).

Chris and Airika have had over 140 reviews at their listing – without ever once getting less than a 5 star review in these critical hospitality and safety categories. 

Upon being informed of this distinction, Chris and Airika said they believed that it only takes the first 15 minutes of check-in to earn their 5-star ratings. 

“Whenever possible, we try to greet our guests when they arrive. We help them with their luggage, then give them a tour of the place, pointing out some of the quirks within the old farmhouse,” Airika said in a release from AirBnb on Wednesday. “It doesn’t take much more than those 15 minutes to put a guest at ease with their new surroundings.” 

In addition to the tour, they also leave personal touches inside the listing like a personalized welcome sign, fresh flowers, a bowl of candy and some bottled water on the bedside tables.