P&Z Schedules Two Public Hearings on Church-Sherwood 8-30g and Outdoor Dining

The Greenwich Planning and Zoning announced they have scheduled two public meetings via Zoom.

Church Sherwood 8-30g CANCELED

P&Z is hosting a special public hearing just for the proposed 192 unit 7-story 8-30g affordable housing development proposed for Church Street and Sherwood Place in downtown. The meeting is on Thursday, June 30, 2022 at 4:00pm, with a dinner break around 7:00pm.

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Outdoor Dining

The second is a public workshop on outdoor dining which is set for 7:00 pm via Zoom on July 12. 

From P&Z: This public workshop is to discuss the future regulation of outdoor dining. For two years we applied the Executive Orders to allow for outdoor dining “reinvented” and now follow HB5271, which has been incorporated into our regulations. Next season we intend to use our local zoning regulations. What should those look like? Should public parking be used for dining? Private parking? What is the impact on retailers, residents, customers, employees? Do you have a different tolerance for Greenwich Avenue than for the villages? All comments are welcome. We want to hear from you to help us craft the regulations moving forward.

DeLuca said all comments are welcome. “We want to hear from you to help us craft the regulations moving forward.”

Anyone who cannot attend the meeting but would like to comment, should email DeLuca at: [email protected].

The agenda will be posted on the Town Website, which also will have the below Zoom link:

Please click the link below to join the webinar:

Password: 6829119

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