Local Duo’s ‘Go Greenwich’ Card Sets Are an Instant Hit This Holiday Season

Greenwich natives David Belmonte and James Micik, founders of Go Greenwich (GoGreenwichCT.com) have announced a pop-up online holiday shop with their limited edition Go Greenwich holiday greeting cards.

We love them!

There are six cards in a box, each featuring one of six different scenes, including Binney Park and Perrot Library, The Town of Greenwich Clock on the Avenue, streetscape from the top of Greenwich Avenue, Cos Cob Fire Station, Putnam Cottage, and Tod’s Point in winter, featuring a loose dog. Buy a box of six cards, or save on a box of 12 with two of each design.

David Belmonte and James Micik of Go Greenwich. Dec 4, 2021 Photo: Leslie Yager
The Go Greenwich holiday cars feature six iconic Greenwich scenes.

Belmonte, who is from Riverside, and Micik who hails from Glenville, both graduated GHS a year apart.

“We’re lifers,” James said. “David was one grade below me at GHS, we didn’t’ really know each other in high school.”

The duo started Go Greenwich at the peak of the pandemic. With a knack for photography, in December 2020 they launched a Go Greenwich Instagram account and populated it with local photos.

“It was something that sprouted during the pandemic when people were looking for things to do when they were home,” Micik said.

“We went around town finding new and existing businesses to photograph and help them get the word out,” Belmonte said on Saturday between deliveries of greeting cards.

In fact, since 2020, Go Greenwich has used their social media to showcase several local businesses, creators, and people in town. Some of those featured include Hoagland’s, The Lost Biscuit, Navy Lobster, Aux Delices and the Greenwich Historical Society.

“We’ve also featured local artists,” Micik said. “One of the first we posted was Ginny Rowan, a local resident who paints and had a nice winter scene of people sledding.”

During the pandemic Micik, who has a full time corporate job, dabbled in side businesses. “I went from idea to idea. I had a Halloween inspired idea with a website and an Instagram. I learned a lot from that.”

“That inspired us. You learn by doing,” he said.

“It’s all about building that platform and showing how a one-man show is just as important as a larger company so everyone can have a chance to have success with their business in town,” said Belmonte, who is a graphic designer.

Micik and Belmonte said they’ve had a very positive response from the community.

“Every store we walk into and announce what we’re doing – everyone’s been so kind. Even businesses we’ve never been into – we’re learning a lot about the town even after living here all our lives,” Micik said.

While Go Greenwich livest on the Internet, Belmonte explained that he and Micik hungered for something tangible.

“As a hyper-local digital-focused enterprise, we wanted to have something people could hold in their hands,” he said.

Ultimately the idea of the seasonal cards, which are blank inside, was born. The cards, with their iconic Greenwich scenes, make an ideal holiday card, Christmas present or hostess gift.

“We’re millennials, but we’re old fashioned,” Micik said. “I mail Christmas cards every year.”

Belmonte and Micik said the artist, a close friend who didn’t want credit for the paintings, brought the six scenes to life based on photographs provided by Go Greenwich. Some elements were added to the paintings, including the fire truck in front of Cos Cob Fire House.

To order cards go to GoGreenwichCT.com where there is a pop-up holiday shop. Go Greenwich offers free local delivery!

GFP readers get a 10% off cards at GoGreenwichCT.com Discount Code: GFP21

The cards are also available in the Greenwich Historical Society Gift Shop.