Labor Dept Issues Stop Work Orders to 3 Greenwich Nail Salons

The CT Labor Dept issued 24 stop work orders this week after visiting 39 nail salons in eight towns throughout the state to ensure businesses were in compliance with state wage laws.

In Greenwich three nail salons were cited:

  • QQ Nail Spa, 522 E. Putnam Avenue
  • La Bella Spa, dba Bonnie’s Foot Reflexology, 522 E. Putnam Avenue
  • Rose Nail Salon, 253 E. Putnam Avenue

According to the agency’s Division of Wage and Workplace Standards, nail salons in six towns were issued Stop Work orders for violations that included no worker’s compensation coverage, cash payments without maintaining required payroll records, and misclassifying employees as independent contractors.

“Although we recognize the importance of keeping businesses open and employees on the job, our first responsibility is to ensure that workers are being paid correctly for the jobs that they do, and proper protections are in place should they get injured while on the job,” said Labor Commissioner Kurt Westby. “In promoting workplace compliance, we help create a level playing field so employers doing the right thing can remain competitive.”

Westby noted that the agency is working with the businesses to get them into compliance with state laws, with the goal to get many re-opened by this weekend.

In March 2016, Dreams Nails was shut down by the Dept of Labor after being caught paying worker off the books about $45.00 a day, which equated to about $4.00 or $5.00 an hour.

Back in November 2015 the Dept of Labor’s Wage and Workplace Standards office, conducted a sweep of nail salons in the Westport, Branford and Hartford areas, shutting down 23 businesses for violations including paying workers off the books and for less than minimum wage, not only taking advantage of workers, but hurting other local businesses that comply with the Labor Department regulations.