Cockroach Spraying at Wilbur Peck

All Wilbur Peck residents were sent a notice on Monday May 4 alerting them that on Wednesday May 13, the Housing Authority of the Town of Greenwich (HATG) will apply roach treatment to all apartments.

The treatment is scheduled throughout the entire day — 8:00am til 4:00pm.

Residents were advised they do not need to be home during the treatment. The notice, from Teryl Elliott, Senior Asset Manager at the Housing Authority states, “If you do have roaches, we ask you prepare as follows: Please do not use insect sprays at any time because this would neutralize the gel.”

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The Housing Authority suggests residents use the time their cupboards are empty to do a thorough cleaning. “…clean cupboard shelves, and behind and under the stove and refrigerator and clean the floors extra well, including behind the stove and refrigerator.”

The Housing Authority notice promises that traps will be checked over the following three months by entering the apartments on alternating Tuesdays.

The notice signs off, “Please be aware that if we find a roach problem, regular extermination will be mandatory until the problem is resolved.”

Residents were reminded that they must allow access to their apartments.

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