Beware Easy Work-From-Home Employment Opportunity: Re-Shipping

In the newest scam the CT Better Business Bureau is reporting, victims respond to job postings online and elsewhere offering an easy work-from-home opportunity – simply re-shipping packages.

Since December 2018, the CT BBB received 13 Scam Tracker reports about three different businesses  – Inspectrum, Inspection Land, LLC. and Dolphin Services, LLC.

All offered employment by re-shipping packages.

BBB and the CT Dept of Consumer Protection partnered in investigating the reports and are warning consumers not to fall for the offer.

After a quick hiring process, victims begin to receive packages. Some victims have even been sent to stores to pick up pre-paid items. Next, victims “inspect” packages, and re-ship them with new shipping labels provided by the company.

When victims inquire about their payment, no one at the “company” they’re working for can be contacted, and they never receive compensation.

It’s believed that items being shipped or picked up in this scam are purchased with stolen credit cards or funds.

Consumers who fall victim to employment scams unknowingly put themselves at risk for several other types of fraud.

Victims may provide these fraudulent companies with their Social Security numbers, banking information for direct deposit and a copy of their driver’s licenses, putting them at risk for identity theft.

In this scam, the victims may find themselves in legal trouble if the items being shipped were purchased with stolen money.

Victims of this employment scam have been from nine states including North Carolina, Kansas, Texas, Missouri and California to name a few.

While Inspectrum claims to be located at 100 Constitution Plaza in Hartford, it was verified that no such business has offices at that location.

Inspectrum’s main website is no longer operational and their social media channels have not seen any recent activity.

Inspection Land, LLC. claims to be located at 50 Columbus Blvd in Hartford and is registered at this location with the Connecticut Secretary of State.

The owner of the building at that address confirmed with BBB that Inspection Land, LLC is not a tenant of the building. Inspection Land’s main website remains active and continues to claim their location is 50 Columbus Blvd. and their social media channels are all either disabled or have no recent activity.

Based on the information detailed above, BBB cannot confirm the legitimacy of Inspectrum or Inspection Land, LLC.

The investigation has led BBB to find that the name and address of Dolphin Services, LLC have been compromised and are being used by unauthorized individuals to carry out this re-shipping scheme. BBB contacted the owner of Dolphin Services, LLC who verified that their information had been stolen.

The legitimate Dolphin Services, LLC. continues to operate in Stamford.

If you’ve been targeted by a scam, help others avoid the same problem by reporting your experience to BBB Scam Tracker.