The Café at Greenwich Library to Open Monday with No Contact Pick Up

The Café at Greenwich Library, the new partnership between Abilis and Greenwich Library, is open for no contact pick up beginning Monday, December 14.

Patrons can place an order online at and pick up their order outside the main Library branch in the Baxter Courtyard. Hours of service are 9:00am to 3:00pm, Monday through Saturday.

“We are pleased that the construction of the Café is complete and that Abilis can launch this food service,” said Barbara Ormerod-Glynn, Greenwich Library director, adding, “While the Café’s menu will initially be limited for no contact pick up, its location off the newly designed Baxter Courtyard and diagonal to the Berkley Theater and its lobby, will ultimately set it apart as a busy yet cozy spot to meet up with friends or enjoy a delicious latte and a healthy breakfast or lunch.”

“We are also very proud to partner with Abilis on The Café. Their workforce development efforts on behalf of those with special needs mesh well with the Library’s mission to promote lifelong learning,” Ormerod-Glynn said.

Heather Brown is the manager of The Café. She works with Abilis overseeing Abilis’ businesses including The Café at Greenwich Library and Abilis Gardens & Gifts.

Ms Brown and two shift managers have been busy preparing The Café to start serving coffee and food and training the eight employees, all of whom are Abilis program participants and have special needs.

“We’re ready to serve customers and look forward to meeting the Library employees and patrons as they pick up a coffee or a bagel with their Library books,” Brown said in a release.

The Café is opening with a limited menu of grab-and-go items, including coffee, tea, bagels, and pastries, and will expand its menu offerings in the future with lunch specials, including popular items from partner restaurants Garden Catering, Upper Crust Bagel Company, Arcuri’s Pizza & Salad, COBS Bread and Happiness Is Back Country Market & Café. The coffee is from Shearwater Coffee Roasters, which makes small-batch organic coffee and is locally based in Fairfield County.

The Café at Greenwich Library is starting service with no contact pick up and will move to a full service café with indoor dining in the future.

“Abilis has a history of providing competitive employment that ensures individuals with disabilities meaningful employment,” said Amy Montimurro, CEO and president of Abilis.

“The crucial job skills developed with our business ventures, including Abilis Gardens & Gifts, our landscaping businesses, office administration and facility maintenance, and now The Café at Greenwich Library, all help us continue our goal of community integration and creating employment opportunities of which Abilis is so well known,” she added. “The Café at Greenwich Library is a place where individuals with special needs learn meaningful job skills and are gainfully employed while providing service to Library patrons.” 

Online ordering is available through The Café at Greenwich Library’s website Updates and news will be posted on The Café’s Facebook and Instagram accounts @greenwichlibrarycafe and Twitter @glibrarycafe.