Crowded Beach: Resident Suggests a Non-Resident Parking Area, Building Cost of Police into Non-Resident Day Passes

Letter to the editor from Joanne Clark

We all agree Greenwich Point is too crowded on summer weekends. I have not seen statistics verifying use by residents vs non-residents, but we know large numbers of non-residents are among the crowds.

Simple solutions to help calm the crowds at Greenwich Point –

  • revert back to the original “one way” traffic in parking rows to help people driving as well as those backing out of a space.
  • designate non-resident parking area for those without a Town sticker; let the police write $50 tickets for improperly parked cars
  • include the cost of required police presence in the price of non-resident day passes and non-resident parking passes
  • increase the day prices for non-residents, but also
  • limit number of non-resident parking passes for any given day and provide only that number of parking spaces marked for non-residents (Sold Out is not uncommon at a popular venue)
  • charge a higher price on weekends and holidays (same as other destinations and resorts)
  • consider restricting non-resident entry to not before a certain time so that residents have an opportunity to park and find space on the sand

We all know that when something gets popular, the cost goes up.  Greenwich should increase the cost of beach access to non-residents, particularly on weekends.  It’s time to give the beach back to the taxpayers.  We should not bear the burden for those who use our town as a destination or holiday.

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