Letter: Why I’m supporting Fred Camillo

Letter to the editor submitted by Lisa Seglem, RTM District 8, Sept 17, 2018

When I’m asked to describe Fred Camillo, our representative for the 151 st district, there are so many adjectives that come to mind: hard-working, dedicated, compassionate, intelligent, courageous, problem-solver, selfless, and yes, it is true, he really is a “nice guy.”

While some believe being a “nice guy” is a negative characteristic, I would argue that being a kind and compassionate person who cares about others are two of the most important qualities an individual can possess.

When Fred is in Hartford, he works across party lines for the benefit of the people of our state and the legislation that he proposes passes with strong bi-partisan support. I believe that he is able to accomplish this because he is respectful of diverse opinions and actually listens without passing judgement. He uses these same skills in his hometown of Greenwich. Those of you who know him will agree that he is known for helping anyone who asks for assistance regardless of their political party or any other affiliation. He helps not because he receives publicity or any other type of praise, but because he truly cares about people and helping others through his hard work and dedication. I wouldn’t have known of his many good deeds without my neighbors telling me the many stories of how he has helped them and their families over the years. How often do you hear this about a politician?
Fred is a champion for public safety, consumer protection and animal welfare.

Earlier this year, three bills that he introduced in these areas passed both the House and Senate. Although Fred has spent most of his career as a business owner, teacher and coach, he has simultaneously dedicated the past 3 decades of his life to serving our community as a volunteer.

He is a mentor and a role model in social activism, serving on multiple Boards in town and leading local projects that serve our community.

Whether it is a food drive, collecting sports equipment for children, cleaning our local beaches or dog park to provide a safe environment for our families and furry friends or supporting our neighbors with legislation to obtain the care that they need for an elderly parent or disabled child, Fred is always the first to offer his assistant and legislative expertise.

Above all, Fred loves his job and he’s great at it! He’s passionate about serving our town and the State of Connecticut which is why I’m honored to support him for his sixth term as our State Representative.

Lisa Seglem
RTM District 8