Letter: Greenwich Time’s Opinion Writer Bob Horton Shouldn’t Be on First Page

Letter to the editor submitted by Joan Mary Stewart, Republican Town Committee, District 1, April 25, 2018

To the editor,

Words are important and powerful. One of the greatest privileges we have is to express ourselves. When I was a young girl in the 1970s I had a paper route when I was a student at GCDS and after school I used to take the bus that would drop me off at the Greenwich Hospital so I could deliver the Greenwich Time to patients, doctors and staff. It was the best paper route in town — indoors and I met so many nice people!

I remember I always wondered who would be able to get on the front page of the newspaper and why some titles were in bold and some were not.

Fast forward 40 years, I wonder why the Greenwich Time thinks Bob Horton deserves first-page placement as an opinion writer? It concerns me that Mr. Horton attacks our fine public officials in Greenwich with comments that are often incorrect and clearly seem not to be checked by editors. Perhaps he supports the wing of the Democratic Party which advocates deficit financing for our town.

Perhaps Mr. Horton should be on the opinion pages, not on the front page where one finds the most important news stories? Really? What is Hearst thinking? Is it because he is married to the executive editor of Hearst Connecticut Media Group?

We are getting used to slanted news coverage but Mr. Horton’s placement takes it to an all new level.

Joan Mary Stewart, Republican Town Committee, District 1