Gov. Malloy, Comm. Klein Slam Sec. Carson for Proposal to Triple Rent for Low-Income Families

Governor Dannel Malloy and Connecticut Dept of Housing Commissioner Evonne Klein released the following statements in response to reports that Department of Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson plans to propose tripling rent for low-income individuals and families receiving housing assistance:

“The ink is barely dry on President Trump’s $1.5 trillion tax cut for the wealthiest individuals and largest corporations, and now his administration is proposing to triple rent for low-income families,” Governor Malloy said. “This is yet another example of remarkably out-of-whack priorities from the Trump administration. Secretary Carson should rescind this outrageous and harmful proposal.”

“Here they go again demonstrating the clear lack of understanding of the challenges these families face,” Commissioner Klein said. “ In the past the work and mission of HUD included and was not limited to preventing and ending homelessness as well as providing affordable housing opportunities. Whether or not the Trump Administration wants to recognize it, the fact is that many of these individuals and families are the working poor. By tripling their rent, it will not put those families on the road to self-sufficiency. Rather it will put them on the road to homelessness.”