Letter: Frantz Voted Against Equal Protection to Same Sex Couples

Letter to the editor submitted by Wendi Hoak

Dear Editor:

There is a factual inaccuracy in the letter to the editor submitted by Johnny Machado, (“I’m a small business owner who is gay and plans to vote for Scott Frantz,” 10/26) which must be corrected.

In his letter, Mr. Machado states that Senator Frantz told him he voted for civil unions for gay partners. That’s impossible. The civil union bill, SB-963 was voted on and passed on April 20, 2005. Scott Frantz did not take office as State Senator for the 36th District until January 2009. In fact, when he had the opportunity in April 2009 to provide equal protection to same sex partners, Scott Frantz voted AGAINST SB-899.

Anyone can see these facts on the official website of the state legislature – cga.ct.gov.

As another letter published earlier in the month reveals Senator Frantz’s voting record on LGBTQ issues is disappointing.

He voted against marriage equality and equal protection under the law, and he voted against prohibiting gender-based discrimination. The fact that Senator Frantz would mislead his constituents when the facts can easily be verified is also disturbing.

As for Mr. Machado’s comments that Alex Bergstein doesn’t understand the needs of small businesses, I can say as a small business owner who knows her, I think she understands very well the need to improve our economy while still upholding our values and protecting our rights.

Scott Frantz has had 9 years to implement plans to help our economy but has little to show for it.

Alex Bergstein has well thought out ideas to reduce our pension obligation, modernize our transportation system and create public-private partnerships. Alex knows we should not abandon our values for the sake of economic growth but rather we should invest in our education, infrastructure and transportation to make CT stronger.

Wendi Hoak

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