Tesei: Vote for Senator Scott Frantz and Representatives Floren, Bocchino and Camillo for Responsible Fiscal Policies

Letter to the editor submitted by Peter J Tesei

On Tuesday, November 6, 2018 the future of the State of Connecticut is on the ballot. The candidates running for statewide elective office and  those seeking to represent us in the Connecticut General Assembly will determine our state’s, town’s  and family’s future  well being.

Fortunately, here in Greenwich we have a genuine community leader who has been working diligently to bring prosperity back to Connecticut and stem the tide of regressive policies that have lead to Connecticut’s economic decline.

Scott Frantz, our 36th District Senator is working in a bi-partisan manner to address the number one issue facing all Connecticut residents, our economic sustainability.  Scott is at the  forefront of protecting us by leading legislative passage of a genuine cap on spending and bonding. The current budget adopted included no new taxes, a three-year phase out of the tax on pensions, the ability for the legislature to both debate and vote on union contracts. Scott’s opponent talks about being a “fiscal conservative” yet there is no track record or experience to validate this claim. The choice is between promises versus performance. Senator Scott Frantz’s performance is exceptional in driving a common sense, pro-growth agenda to bring prosperity back to Connecticut.

One of Greenwich’s greatest  threats to our long term viability as a destination people choose to live, work and raise their families is the poor financial condition of our State and the failed policies of one party control of the legislature. Efforts to force municipalities to fund the state managed and underfunded teachers pension, uniform mill rate on automobiles and even a statewide property tax are all threats to our Greenwich families economic sustainability.

Scott Frantz and his Republican colleagues; Representatives Floren, Bocchino and Camillo have been in Hartford fighting for the same kind of responsible fiscal policies we have employed here at home and they have been making progress. They have protected us from the worst of what the State would throw at us.

Please join me in voting for, a better tomorrow for Connecticut, protecting Greenwich and exceptional performance in representing Greenwich.

Vote to re-elect Senator Scott Frantz and Representatives Livvy Floren, Mike Bocchino and Fred Camillo. On Wednesday, November 7th you will be smiling because you did.

Peter J. Tesei