Letter: I’m a Small Business Owner who is Gay and Plans to Vote for Scott Frantz

Letter to the editor from Johnny Machado, Greenwich

As a small business owner in Connecticut I am voting for Scott Frantz; I also happen to be gay.

My sexual orientation should not matter; however I am disturbed to see the misrepresentation by his opponent’s supporters that Scott Frantz is not an ally to the gay community. (Letter: Senator Frantz Does Not Represent LGBTQ Community Oct 19, 2018)

First and foremost, the recent letters that paint Frantz as anti-LGBQTIA are deflecting away from the real problems that I, as a small business owner, face in this state.

As an investor in small businesses himself, Scott Frantz has strongly defended small businesses and will continue to fight to make our state more competitive. Currently we are 49th (depending on which study you look at) in the country for small business growth. Frantz and the Republicans have fought against Malloy to try to keep businesses and people here. He has sponsored numerous pro-business bills including the Angel Investor Tax Credit Bill to help jump start small businesses in the state.

Currently 80 people leave the state of Connecticut every day due to poor democratic policies. This is not good for me as a small business owner, nor is it good for the community – no matter what your sexual orientation is. I, like everyone else, would like to buy a house and not have it depreciate.

Recently when I spoke to Scott, I realized that he is a kind and compassionate man that wants to make the state better for all people. The fact that he did not vote for his friend Andrew McDonald as Chief Justice was not because he was gay but due to his questionable reputation regarding his treatment of women. Scott also explained that he voted for Civil Unions for gay partners.

What his opponent, Alex Bergstein doesn’t understand is that high taxes, useless regulations and constant hoops that small business owners have to jump through far outweigh any social issues we may face at this time.

And the installation of tolls will be the death knell to our state as even less people will want to come here or start businesses here. The cost to start a business in Connecticut is already one of the highest in the nation and the extra burden of tolls will deter any chance we have to bring businesses and people to Connecticut.

Just like anyone else, gay people want good schools, increasing housing values and a sound fiscal economy for themselves and their families. Help bring back businesses to Connecticut, vote for Frantz.

Johnny Machado
Greenwich, CT

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