Letter: Farricker Put Profits before People on Orchard Street

Letter to the editor received Oct. 30, 2015 from John Timm, Orchard Street, Cos Cob

In the Oct 26th issue of the Greenwich Time candidate Farricker is quoted saying, “I grew up here. I went to Greenwich High School and I know there’s no other place I ‘d rather live….As First Selectman, one of the most important jobs is to ensure that everyone in the town of Greenwich has the right and opportunity to live comfortably and safely and happily in a town that, in most cases here, you have devoted your entire lives to.  ….We’re going to be thinking about people first and not our profits…”

These are tall statements when you consider his action in supporting Greenwich Reform Synagogue’s quest for more property after having purchased 92 Orchard St., a very large portion of 96 Orchard St. and 22 Osee Place.

Candidate Farricker, as a representative for Greenwich Reform Synagogue, approached  Tony and Barbara Lovallos’ lawyer with an offer to purchase their property at 90 Orchard St. by placing $800 in cash on their lawyer’s desk.  Tony, a life long resident of Greenwich, and his wife Barbara responded they did not want to sell their property.  They figured their response was the end of the matter. Not so.

On April 17, 2013 an unsolicited formal written offer by Greenwich Reform Synagogue along with a letter from candidate Farricker were placed in Tony and Barbara’s mail box.

The supporting letter by candidate Farricker can be found in a June letter to the editor.

Tony and Barbara did not respond to the offer and after a time it was withdrawn by Greenwich Reform Synagogue.

In making both offers, there was no consideration by Greenwich Reform Synagogue and candidate Farricker that Tony and Barbara had no desire to leave their home of over 45 years or live anywhere else than Cos Cob.

This goes against the statements made by candidate Farricker to garner senior citizen votes, actions speak louder than words with candidate Farricker putting profits before people.

A neighbor commented it looks like Greenwich Reform Synagogue, in its efforts to displace Tony and Barbara broke the Tenth Commandment, “Do not  covet your neighbor’s house”.

John Timm
Orchard St.