LETTER: Arora is an Easy Choice Over Moss for 151st District

Letter to the editor from Frank Salomone and Trey Reynolds

For the January 21st special election to fill Fred Camillo’s seat, Harry Arora (R) and Cheryl Moss (D) have both highlighted the three “E’s” they wish to tackle; that is the Economy, Education, and the Environment.

Cheryl Moss grew up in town and has said (much like Fred Camillo and Lauren Rabin said during the Selectmen races) that she reflects the town’s longstanding principles. Harry Arora grew up outside of Greenwich, and lived in Stamford before moving here almost ten years ago.

In reviewing the candidate’s websites and Op-Eds about the three E’s, it is clear that both candidates have some overlaps. Both say they want economic growth for Connecticut, good schools and to protect the environment.

The question is: which candidate truly reflects the “Values” of Greenwich? N.B.  Having lived in Greenwich for many years and for a lifetime respectively, we are proud of our great natural resources for recreation, outstanding schools and that Greenwich is an economic powerhouse that funds Hartford to the tune of a billion dollars annually.

On the Economy, Harry Arora pledges to reign in the bureaucracy that frequently gets in the way of economic growth and restricts investment. Cheryl Moss mentions better urban planning, but not reduction of bureaucracy.

On Education, Harry Arora wants to expand access to pre-school, vocational programs, and two-year community college programs to better prepare our students for the workplace. Harry also wants to fight for a bigger share of the resources that get sent to Hartford to be used in our school systems. Cheryl Moss mentions that she wants schools to be a safe place.

On the Environment, Harry Arora vows to create programs to control emissions and to protect the forests and oceans. Cheryl Moss says she will prepare for climate change. The two candidates sound most similar on the environment.

Summing up the three E’s, in my opinion, given Harry Arora’s businesslike approach, he is more likely to achieve the result in Hartford that will allow Greenwich to keep its fiscal house in order, keep taxes low and services/amenities high. His “Greenwich Values” will help him to push hard to remove obstacles to Economic Growth and collaborate across the aisle to encourage real fiscal discipline. Greenwich did not prosper over the past 100 years due to State/Town economic planning, but by creating a strong, unfettered foundation so ordinary people could easily pursue their economic interests, drive employment and create opportunity for all our constituents.

Harry Arora is the best candidate to fight for us and our values in Hartford and continue the good stewardship that we enjoyed with Fred Camillo.  Harry’s valuable experience will allow him to keep his eye on the future to plan for continued success, while preparing for any challenge that Hartford throws our way.

NOTE: Deadline for letters to the editor for the Jan 21 special election for State Rep District 151 is Tuesday, Jan 14, 2020 at 5pm.