KALB: Hec Yes, Sherr-ly No!

Submitted by Scott Kalb, RTM D7; Secretary, Legislative and Rules Committee; RTM Observer, Greenwich Retirement Board

Please join me in supporting Hector Arzeno for State Representative of District 151 in our coming election. I have worked with Hector in our town government for a number of years and have come to admire his experience and judgement as a business executive, his longstanding commitment to public service in the RTM, and his devotion to community volunteering. Hector gets along well with people from all walks of life and knows how to get things done.

By contrast, his opponent Peter Sherr is divisive and has a troubling history of conflict, even with members of his own party. For example, while serving on the Board of Education, Peter was censured by his fellow BOE colleagues for using profane and abusive language during a public meeting, violating the Board’s code of ethics. In a 15-minute speech in his defense, Sherr employed Trump-like tactics, attempting to turn the tables and claim that he was the victim, making an absurd argument that his first amendment rights had been violated. He never apologized.

The number one issue on voter’s minds today is the huge increase in the cost of living. People are struggling to pay their bills and workers have not seen a real pay rise in years. Hector wants to ease the burden on working families and supports State initiatives, led by Democratic legislators, that gave tax credits to middle and low-income families and children, eliminated gas taxes through November, cut costs on public transportation, and that made pharmaceuticals more affordable. Hector listens to small businesses and wants to see CT lead in technology infrastructure investment, providing engines of growth for our economy in an inflationary world.

Peter Sherr’s response to inflation is to spread fear and misinformation, to help those who don’t need it, and hurt those who do. Sherr would simply join his colleagues in voting to eliminate regulations and spending on programs that protect hard-working CT families as well as our public parks, shared spaces, and infrastructure. He would also cut taxes for special interest groups and businesses that currently are enjoying profit margins at 70-year highs.

On education, Hector voted on the RTM for our public schools and our teachers who are working hard to mitigate learning losses suffered nationally during the pandemic.

He supports diverse educational programming to prepare our kids for careers and to meet growing demand for skilled workers in our state. The 2022 Connecticut Manufacturing Report, released on Oct. 27, showed that 87% of manufacturers reported difficulty finding employees and 44% say the lack of skilled applicants is the greatest obstacle to growth.

Want to grow our economy and attract businesses? We need to invest in education, not tax cuts.

On the other hand, Peter Sherr has been spreading misinformation about our schools in an effort to instill fear. He uses code words familiar to the extreme right, such as “indoctrination”, and “parental rights”, as smokescreens to provide a pathway to cut spending on education infrastructure, reduce teacher pay, and promote censorship. This approach does not bode well for the future of our town or our children.

Hector also unequivocally supports the fundamental right of women to govern their bodies and to make their own decisions about abortion, following best medical practice. He supports codifying these rights in our state constitution and is the only candidate that earned the endorsement of Planned Parenthood. Peter Sherr deflects the core issue, as have other Republicans representing Greenwich in Hartford, noting that abortion rights are already law in our state, but he has given no indication that he would vote yes to protect abortion rights should challenges arise on his watch. Since 2014, Republicans have introduced over 30 bills aimed at curtailing abortion rights in CT.

In short, I urge you to vote for Hector Arzeno to represent the 151 st District in the state legislature. He has a great understanding of our local economy, supports families struggling with inflation, fights for children’s welfare and funding for educational programs, and is a fierce advocate of women’s rights. Hector supports effective gun safety laws that will keep our community safe and supports measures to protect our town and its beautiful parks and waterways against climate change.

Hector is a moderate voice of reason in troubling political times, and he will work tirelessly to improve the lives of our residents and the health of our economy. Please join me in supporting Hector Arzeno on Election Day November 8th .