FRANTZ: Lopez is a Shining Star in This Election Season

Submitted by Icy Frantz, Riverside

Dear Editor,

There has been a lot of noise this election season – easy to get bogged down by it and miss the shining stars. One of them is Ed Lopez.

I first met Ed Lopez on an RTM committee. He worked behind the scenes humbly and diligently, never needing the credit, just doing what was needed. Since then, we have collaborated on a few projects and we worked together on Fred Camillo’s campaign. I continue to be impressed by his dedication, his work ethic and his willingness to step in and help.

Ed’s experience on the RTM has been comprehensive and diverse: having served on 10 of our regular and special committees, and as someone who volunteers in other capacities in our community, I believe he can provide a strong and assertive voice in Hartford. As a member of the Army National Guard, he brings a necessary sensibility to many of the public safety issues that concern us.  Finally, as someone who runs his own small businesses, he has a visceral understanding of the economic issues that continue to set us back.

What we need in Hartford is the end of one-party rule and what Greenwich needs is someone in Hartford who will legislate in a way that will give Greenwich the autonomy to champion our own solutions – one size does not fit all. What we have in Ed is a respected leader who will serve his constituents and our town well.

On November 8th, I hope you will join me in supporting Ed Lopez for State Representative.


Icy Frantz