ERICKSON: Hector Arzeno is the right candidate for these times.

Laura Ericksonis currently serving her second term on the BET and is a former Chair of the BOE

Voters in the 151st district have the choice of voting either for the Democratic candidate Hector Arzeno or the Republican candidate Peter Sherr.

The constituents of the 151st district should elect the representative that will best advocate for our Town and our schools and not an extremist political agenda.   Hector Arzeno is the right candidate for these times.  He will advocate for fiscally responsible budgets and sound economic policies that attract businesses and employ our highly educated and skilled workforce.  He supports repealing the estate tax.  He will vote for legislation that secures women’s reproductive rights and sensible gun safety laws.  He stands for local control in zoning decision-making.  Hector has over forty years of international finance experience, is a current member of the RTM and his four kids attended both public and private schools in Greenwich. 

With Hector Arzeno, you know what you are getting when you elect him as your representative. 

Hector Arzeno will earn the respect of his colleagues on both sides of the aisle in the CT Assembly and will build collaborative relationships which will benefit our entire Town. 

Hector has zero interest in grandstanding.  You surely will not see him on Newsmax propagating a narrative that a broad swath of public school teachers are indoctrinating our children.  This false narrative negatively portrays our local school system and hurts all of us. 

I served on the Board of Education with Peter Sherr for a term of four years from 2013-2017 and continue to follow BOE meetings closely.  With all due respect, I believe Hector Arzeno is the clear choice for voters this election.  

If you are member of the Republican party and you are concerned by the hard right turn the local party has taken, I urge you to put people over party and vote for Hector Arzeno on November 8th.

Laura Erickson