Donna Moffly: Vote for Most Qualified, Vote for Jill Oberlander

letter to the editorAs a lifelong moderate Republican and sometimes Unaffiliated voter, I vote for the person I consider the most qualified for the job. And in the contest for State Rep in the 150th district of town, that person is hands down Jill Oberlander.

Not only is she a lawyer with six years experience on the Greenwich RTM serving on finance, budget, labor and conservation committees. Jill is also the mother of three and can be counted on to fight for women and children on every front—from gun safety, support for seniors and banning pesticides on school fields, to paid sick leave, reproductive rights and access to contraception.

Here is a fiscally responsible woman who cares deeply about Greenwich and reaches across the aisle. As part of the Democratic majority in Hartford she would get a seat at the table and make her voice of reason heard.

I’d be proud to have Jill Oberlander represent me in Hartford.

Donna Moffly