BOE’s Erickson: Oberlander is the Qualified Choice for State Rep, Dist. 150

October 20, 2014

To the Editor:

As a 150th district constituent, thank you to Rep. Steve Walko for his service and his work on the Finance, Revenue & Bonding, Judiciary and Education Committees. I wish him and his family all the best in their new home.

Constituents in the 150th district are fortunate to have a choice in the upcoming election. On November 4th, I will be voting for Jill Oberlander. I have seen Jill Oberlander in action on the RTM Finance Committee. Jill asks the tough questions that need to be asked in Hartford. She is analytical and has a professional background as an attorney specializing in economic development, land use and transportation issues. She is a parent of three children and will be a strong voice for educational opportunities for all students.

I believe that Jill’s skills and experience make her the most qualified choice. In addition and most importantly, Jill has been listening to and learning from residents. She is compassionate and caring. Jill will be our voice in Hartford in the majority party, a voice that has been absent for several decades. Further, I am confident that Jill will work collaboratively with the returning Greenwich delegates. I am voting for Jill not for partisan reasons, but because I believe her to be the most qualified candidate who will be a change agent for the benefit of all Greenwich citizens.

Laura Erickson
BOE member

Note: The deadline for submitting letters to the editor for the Nov. 4 election is Wednesday, Oct. 29 at 9:00am.