Berg: Bhargava has character, integrity and both a sharp analytic mind and an articulate voice

Letter to the Editor submitted from Peter Berg, Deputy Treasurer, Dita for Greenwich, Oct. 28. 2016

By far and away, the major issues in this year’s election for Connecticut State Assembly are the State economy and budget.

Building the State economy is required to fund critical government services including public education and to make needed investments in roads and rails.  All other issues pale in comparison.

It stands to reason, therefore, that Dita Bhargava deserves your endorsement.  Dita has a degree in engineering and spent over twenty years in the investment business.  She has a sharp analytic mind and an articulate voice.  Dita is the opposite of Donald Trump, but she is determined to make Connecticut great again.

As a member of Dita’s campaign team, I can attest to her character, her integrity, and her qualifications to represent Greenwich in Hartford.

Peter E Berg
Cos Cob
Deputy Treasurer, Dita for Greenwich

NOTE: The deadline for letters to the editor in support of a candidate for the Nov 8 election was Oct 28, 2016