PHOTOS: Broadway Barks Aims to Reduce the Euthanasia List in New York

IMG_7672Photos by Leslie Yager

Shubert Alley in New York City’s theater district was the setting for the 16th annual Broadway Barks event. Brainchild of Mary Tyler Moore and Bernadette Peters, the event’s goal is to lower the euthanasia list in New York and make the city a more humane place for animals.

“In 2003 only 26% of cats and dogs in the city’s shelter system made it out alive. Today, that statistic is virtually flipped, with nearly 73% of dogs and cats leaving the shelter system for loving homes,” according to the Broadway Barks “Playbill.”

The official sponsors of Broadway Barks were ASPCA and The New York Times, and hosts on Saturday included Bernadette Peters, James Franco and Zach Braff, as well as a long list of  performers.


“Panda” formed a nice silhouette against a volunteer’s pink shirt at the Husky House tent at Broadway Barks event along Shubert Alley. Credit: Leslie Yager

Volunteers from Husky House out of Bridgwater, NJ, introduced tiny Chihuahua-Pomeranian mix “Panda” to passers-by while bigger Huskies moved among the crowds.

Husky House is a non-profit dedicated to helping abandoned Siberian Huskies as well as all breeds of dogs, including mixes, have a second chance in life and a place to call home which they so richly deserve.


Bideawee Manhattan adoption center was front and center on Shubert Alley. Snowdon rested under the shade of the Bideawee tablecloth. Credit: Leslie Yager

Bideawee Manhattan adoption center was front and center with sweethearts Snowdon and Cody, who stole the show. Snowdon was napping under the tablecloth but his nose poked out from underneath, inviting passersby to stop.


Sophie the Beagle Mix is a dog with Loving Touch, Inc out of Flushing, New York. Credit: Leslie Yager

Sophie, a beagle-mix, flashed a huge smile for everyone at the Broadway Barks event. Sophie is available from Loving Touch, Inc. a rescue group out of Flushing, NY.



IMG_7733 IMG_7736Mid-Atlantic Great Dane Rescue League (MAGDRL) were hard to miss, even as Shubert Alley grew crowded on Saturday. They have 50-70 Great Danes available for adoption and their website is updated daily.IMG_7733



Louie, available for adoption from Stray from the Heart on 55 West 73rd Street in New York, charmed everyone in Shubert Alley with his green eyes and perfect triangle ears. Credit: Leslie Yager

Louie, available for adoption from Stray from the Heart on 55 West 73rd Street in New York, charmed everyone  in Shubert Alley with his green eyes and perfect triangle ears.

Stray from the Heart‘s mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and find permanent homes for homeless, abused or neglected dogs regardless of where they were born.

The non-profit places dogs with families without the benefit of paid employees or a shelter facility. They rely on a volunteer network that includes dog walkers, trainers and fosters who support Stray from the Heart rehabilitate and socialize the dogs.


A dog dressed for baseball strolled down Shubert Alley with his owner during the Broadway Barks event. Credit: Leslie Yager

shubert alley


Snowdon, rested after his nap, is a puppy available for adoption from Bideawee Manhattan. Credit: Leslie Yager.


Cody is a sweet boy available for adoption from Bideawee Manhattan adoption center. Credit: Leslie Yager


Zoe (foreground) and Boshka, a 5 year old Boxer were so well-behaved despite hordes of people and a crowd that grew when James Franco, Bernadette Peters and Zach Braff took the stage just down the alley. Zoe is a 10-month-old petite pit bull mix. Credit: Leslie Yager


Boshka, a 5-year-old Boxer available for adoption from the Humane Society of New York. Credit: Leslie Yager


Boshka rests among the crowds who were all angling for a view of James Franco. Credit: Leslie Yager

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