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GROUP LETTER: Health Board’s Actions on Noise Ordinance Were Egregious; Chair is No Hero

“The Board of Health was indeed a catalyst for this change, in that their actions were so egregious that they motivated others in the town to act. Now, the Chair of the Board of Health should honor the First Selectman’s request and resign for the benefit of the town. ” – Glen Canner, Lindy Lilien, Joan Thakor and Lucy von Brachel Continue Reading →

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Greenwich Health Board Chair Congratulates First Selectman’s Office, RTM for Passing New Noise Ordinance

“The RTM meeting held on Tuesday January 16, 2024 adopting the revised noise ordinance with RTM oversight and control moving forward, is the exact result that the Board of Health wished to achieve by its repeal of the then existing noise ordinance historically under Board of Health’s purview.” – Joel D. Muhlbaum, Chair, Greenwich Board of Health Continue Reading →

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Facts and Nothing but The Facts: Geothermal at CMS & in Greenwich’s Future Construction Projects

“It is time that the Committee and Boards accept the facts from the experts that their Architect hired, who were paid Tens of Thousands of Dollars for their analysis and recommendation of Geothermal at CMS. This would be the same recommendation for all future Town-owned new construction.” – James O’Brien, Steve Hall and Andrew Winston Continue Reading →

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LETTER: Changes to Greenwich Schools Pre-School Classrooms Would be Detrimental

“If the preschool is struggling with adequate funding, why hasn’t the school district requested the preschool tuition money to help offset some of the costs to keep the preschool ratios lower? Increases in the GPS class ratios is taking away from our students’ academic success across both special education and general education.” – Julia McCann Continue Reading →

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