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Moriarty and Erickson: Our Rationale for Not Supporting the Amended FY24 Budget

“We will continue discussions with all BET members to achieve our shared goals of maintaining Greenwich’s reputation as a desirable community that offers the services and amenities residents expect with the lowest achievable tax rate. The BET will be holding a public hearing on March 29 at 7:00 pm. We welcome your input.” – Leslie Moriarty and Laura Erickson, Democratic members of the BET Budget Committee Continue Reading →

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KORDICK: Risk from St. Roch’s Church Use of Hamilton Ave School Fields is Unjustified

“I get it.  Rattletrap rides operated by chain-smoking carnival workers are fun.  Pizza fritta is delicious.  But neither one is the responsibility of the Greenwich Public School system.  The Board of Education should not be horse-trading political and economic favors but instead be acting in the best interest of students and their education … period.” – Mark Kordick Continue Reading →

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LETTER: Greenwich’s Republican-Controlled BET Fails on ADA Compliance

“Does the Republican-controlled BET not consider the federally-protected rights of disabled residents worth taxpayer funds? Do they consider waiting to be sued a “cost of doing business”? If so, it is a cynical manipulation of its own disabled residents.” – Stephanie Landry, Greenwich Continue Reading →

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KALB: The RTM Must Not Redo Votes. Here’s Why.

“The RTM should soundly reject any motion to redo or throw out a vote.  It would set a terrible precedent and as former moderator Tom Byrne stated, it would lead to chaos, with no vote total being reliable, making a mockery of future RTM rulings.  We can’t nullify a vote because individuals on the losing side complain.  Can you imagine where such a path would lead us?” – Scott Kalb Continue Reading →

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PRIHODA: Keep America Great, Uphold Final Votes on Every Level of Government – Local, State and National

“Final count is final count.  That’s what was done with the former system when I served on the RTM:  paper ballots were marked and handed to the Town Clerk and Moderator to tally and announce.  If an RTM member was asleep at the switch and did not mark the card, the Town Clerk and Moderator did not say “Wait! Joe/Jill Schmoe didn’t get their vote in.” – Monica Prihoda Continue Reading →

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ANGLAND: After 22 Years of Names Day at GHS, Suddenly the Greenwich RTC Has a Problem with It?

“The Greenwich Democratic Town Committee embraces all members of our community regardless of race, religion or identity. We applaud GHS for maintaining the tradition of Names Day. We thank our civic organizations for their work to advance civil rights. And we call on our Town leaders to join us in denouncing the intolerable Tweet by the Greenwich Republican Party.” – Joe Angland Continue Reading →

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