FREEMAN: Trump Candidacy is Possible through the Acquiescence of People Like Dan Quigley

Submitted by Andrew C. Freeman, Old Greenwich

Dan Quigley, former Chairman of the Greenwich Republican Town Committee, in a presumably heartfelt letter (QUIGLEY: It’s Time To Step Aside, Mr. President July 4, 2024) states that the “best course of action is for President Biden to withdraw his name as a candidate.”

I don’t necessarily agree or disagree, but I am weary of people, like Mr. Quigley, who have the temerity to write that he is “a lifelong Republican” who “will not be voting for Mr. Trump.”

How good of Mr. Quigley to proclaim that he is one of the “good Republicans.”

Whether one votes for him or not, the Trump candidacy is only possible through the acquiescence of many like Mr. Quigley who continue to pretend that the label “Republican” today means anything other than “Trump enabler.”

I have known many politically conservative voters and argued with them on questions of policy and constitutional philosophy. It is possible that those people still exist and, perhaps, someday our politics will return to legitimate discussions about the role of government, but that certainly will not happen under the party of Lincoln which has been disgraced and savaged by Trump sycophants and counterfeit leaders who cling so tightly to power that they have abandoned all sense of decency and patriotism.

Have some self-respect and if you actually are something different, stop calling yourself a Republican.