Zoom Panel to Tackle Building an Equitable & Local Food Economy

The Foodshed Network and Conservation Commission announce “Just Food: Building an Equitable & Local Food Economy,” the fifth panel of the Greenwich Food System Forum

The webinar is free, and will be held virtually through Zoom, on Wednesday, October 19, starting at 7:00pm.

“Our upcoming panel will be an inspiring and important discussion, as we will explore initiatives that are creating pathways towards an equitable, just and regional food system. All of the panelists are leading viable and transformative solutions, right here in Connecticut,” Ali Ghiorse, co-founder of the Greenwich Food System Forum. 

“Just Food: Building an Equitable & Local Food Economy” will amplify the ways in which food entrepreneurship, community markets, community kitchens, farmers markets, and urban farms build a local food economy and foster transformation.

Food System transformation is complex, and overcoming the industrial system can feel daunting, and possibly out of reach. And yet, viable solutions are available and happening in powerful ways.

Sarah Coccaro, the panel’s facilitator, will engage the panel on Connecticut initiatives rooted in self-determination, economic empowerment, and the investment in an equitable, just and resilient local food economy.

The panel will feature speakers Cortney Renton, Executive Director at CitySeed; Deborah Thomas-Sims, “Community Champion” at East End NRZ Pop-Up Market & Cafe; Stefanie Robles, Food Catalyst at reSET; Dr. Phoebe Godfrey, Professor-in-residence in Sociology at UConn and Co-Found of CLiCK; and Leigh Duffy, Executive Director at CLiCK.

We have the power to be food system changemakers. Together, we can realize a future that advances an equitable, just, regionalized, and regenerative Connecticut food system. 

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