Pathways to Engagement: Funding a Resilient Regional Foodshed

The Foodshed Network and Conservation Commission announce “Pathways to Engagement: Funding a Resilient Regional Foodshed,” the sixth and last panel of the Greenwich Food System Forum

The webinar is free, and will be held virtually through Zoom, on Wednesday, November 30  starting at 7:00pm.

Pathways to Engagement: Funding a Resilient Regional Foodshed” will explore different financial models designed to equitably invest in food system transformation. Realizing a just, resilient and regionalized food system will take well-resourced urban and rural community based organizations working across-sectors, at the grass-roots.

Sarah Coccaro and Ali Ghiorse, co-founders of Greenwich Food System Forum, will facilitate the panel.

Each of the panelists will speak to how their unique finance model allocates and is accessed democratically, for and by the people who are co-creating a just food movement.  

According to Global Alliance for the Future of Food,“Even if we cut all other emissions immediately, food related emissions would still push us over 1.5 degree Celsius. But the amount of public climate finance directed to address this is tiny – only 3%. Transforming our food system is not only good for the climate, but biodiversity, health and food security.”

The panel will feature speakers Sarah Huang, Co-Director at New England Grassroots Fund; Esperanza Pallana, Executive Director of Food and Farm Communications Fund, Kyle Philipp, C.E.O. and Co-Founder of Regenerative Food Network; Anthony Myint, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Zero Foodprint; and Woody Tasch, Chairman at Slow Money Institute.

We have the power to be food system changemakers! Together, we can realize a future that advances an equitable, just, regionalized, and regenerative Connecticut food system. 

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