MOMTOURAGE: Lessons Your Dog Can Teach You This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again! Time to pick out cute, matching outfits, find a great location, and schedule a photographer during the “golden hour,” so you have just the right lighting! And then sweat your you know what off trying to get everyone, including the family pets, to look at the camera! And why is it that this is the *exact* moment that kids always forget how to smile without looking insane?! Yikes! It feels like a workout! If only it were over by the time you completed this part. Nope!

Sit at your computer for a few more hours to find the ONE photo out of 100 where the kids aren’t rolling their eyes or secretly shoving each other behind their backs! Then put together your holiday greeting card coordinating the outfit colors to the background and then type in just the right sentiment for the season. Spiked egg nog was definitely created by a mom after finishing her holiday cards.

This year, for me, it’s a sad holiday card. We lost our beloved golden-doodle, Spencer, to a tumor on his heart in June. I wanted to honor him, and so instead of the photoshoot and outfits, I collected pictures of my sweet canine companion and wrote a few paragraphs on what he has taught me over the twelve years and three months that he was part of our family.

Holidays are always a time of reflection. When I thought about Spencer’s life, I realized what an innate understanding of life dogs possess. While Spencer has left this earth, he has left behind some valuable rules to live by that are worth sharing. This excerpt is from my actual Holiday card:

This holiday season, we wanted to share some memories and lessons that our beautiful boy, Spencer, has taught us…

  1. Never let anything get in the way of being with your family. Even if it’s a four and a half foot fence with spikes at the top that you leap over to join your family as they scream in horror!
  2. Start each day with a smile and a wagging tail! Spencer’s excitement and full-body wags never failed to put us in a good mood and send us out the door feeling loved.
  3. Chase what you love! Even if they are birds!
  4.  Fight for what you believe in, even if it’s with your sibling. But forgive and forget.
  5.  Always be gentle and kind.
  6. Love unconditionally.
  7.  Get excited Every. Single. Time. someone you love comes home.
  8.  Live life to the fullest every day!

There’s so much to learn from our kids…. even our furry ones,

Lauren, from The Momtourage

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