Letter: Dredge Byram River Now!


Letter to the Editor submitted by a Friend of the River (we have the author’s identity), Aug 8, 2016

As you can see from the photograph (one of many), the Byram River, OUR River, needs attention and care!

The fish, usually swimming around, are no where to be found!

The turtles sitting/swimming around are no where to be found!

Kayakers not around, who wants to touch that water?! Test the waters??  Who is responsible when a tree falls across the River when it’s not on anyone’s property?

Two trees are lying across the narrow part of the River collecting garbage and not allowing the water to come or go!!

Obviously,  no rain has had an impact also; however, we have never seen the river like this!!! It is a SHAME that none of the town officials seem to care about one of our most beautiful assets!!!

Our River MUST be cleaned out and dredged!!  Stop spending millions on Engineer reports THAT DO NOTHING!!!

I think these swans say it all, PLEASE HELP!!

A Friend of the River


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