Hazardous Waste Day Fills Drums, Buckets and Boxes

IMG_1377By Leslie Yager
Greenwich’s annual Hazardous Waste Day collection took place at Greenwich High School on Saturday, May 10. This year the event went off without a hitch.

In fact, one look at the quantity of material collected and the number of cars waiting patiently confirmed the value of the effort.

IMG_0065A police officer was stationed at the entrance to the staging area. Enviro people checked residency and members of the  Fire Dept. were on scene as a precaution.

Patrick Collins, the Environmental Operations Manager at Holly Hill Resource Recovery Facility said the good weather likely contribute to the success of the event and that by 11:00am, over 250 cars had already passed through safely.

Collins said this is the 20th year he’d been working on the Hazardous Waste Disposal day, because prior to becoming the Environmental Operations Manager of Waste Disposal at Holly Hill he had volunteered on the event with the Health Dept.

Collins said people are dropping off insecticides, oil based paints, herbicides, turpintines, and any other type of polish cleaners and stains. “I’m pleased to see that people are getting these off their shelves,” he said.

“Everyone touching the waste is from the contracted disposal hired by the Town,” said Collins. A staffer from Care Environmental Corp. said that he’d been working at hazardous waste collection events for nine years, and that the Greenwich event was running very smoothly.


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