Yes, That Stack of Black Takeout Containers Can Be Recycled in Greenwich

Good news for recycling enthusiasts in Greenwich.

Those black plastic takeout food containers from your favorite restaurant ARE recyclable in the town’s recycling stream.

According to Patrick Collins, Environmental Operations Manager at Holly Hill, there are several vendors in the State who take recycling. Greenwich’s vendor, City Carting, does take the black takeout containers.

“There is a market for them,” Collins said, adding that he knows people want to do the right thing.

He said the containers and their lids should be clean and loose, and not put in the recycling bin inside a plastic bag.

And if you’re ever in doubt, go to Waste Wizard and type in the item.

From Waste Wizard.

Mr. Collins said his second request is that residents not put recyclables inside a plastic bag.

He said too often, carefully washed recyclables arrive at the dump inside a big plastic bag, and that’s where problems start. In Stamford, at City Carting’s recycling facility, plastic bags get jammed in the equipment. From time to time they have to shut down the machine and pull the plastic bags out of the machinery.

Patrick Collins, Environmental Operations Manager at Holly Hill Resource Recovery Facility. Photo: Leslie Yager

Previously in a statement, DEEP’s Katie Dykes said:

“Placing recyclables in plastic bags results in those items being thrown away, which is completely counter to what we need to be doing, and the intent of those residents and businesses doing the right thing by recycling.”

“Contamination in our recycling system is costly, and the materials recovery facilities in our state have been clear that plastic bags in their mixed stream are detrimental and unsafe for their staff and their equipment, and can reduce the value of their commodities.”

You can see the plastic begs getting caught in the wheels at the recycling facility in Stamford.

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