Have You Wondered What Are Those Bags in Bruce Park?

Trees in Bruce Park are dotted with mysterious, full, black garbage bags.

The bags are more noticeable given the detour around Bruce Park while Eversource continues its transmission line project connecting the Cos Cob substation to the new substation at 290 Railroad Ave (former home of Pet Pantry).

Wondering what was the purpose of the bags, we contacted Eversource’s spokesperson Frank Poirot who said they weren’t part of the utility company’s work and suggested reaching out to Dept of Public Works.

Jim Michel, the deputy Director of DPW said they weren’t part of any DPW effort.

He recommending asking Parks & Rec.

On Wednesday night at the Parks & Rec board meeting, Director Joe Siciliano had the answer.

“They are bales of hay in plastic bags we attach to trees because kids sometimes sled there,” he explained, adding a reminder that several years ago the town was sued by someone who injured himself sledding in Glenville.

Back in 2004 a resident sued the town after he and his 4-year-old son were thrown off their sled when they hit a ditch at the bottom of the hill by Western Greenwich Civic Center.

Asked if there are bails of hay in Glenville, Siciliano said no. “There are no trees there,” he said.

Other issues of liability in Greenwich have focused on ice skating. Greenwich has a tradition of pond skating, but today it is illegal to skate on Town ponds.

Mianus Pond was previously under the auspices of the state, but is now owned by the Town, which assumes the liability.


Daria Berizzi (left) and Gretchen Plowden Metzroth (Right) skating on Binney Pond. Contributed Photo, Gretchen Metzroth

Screen Shot 2015-02-28 at 11.55.28 AM

Back in the day, Dorothy Hamill started out as an open air rink. Then a roof was added. Finally, the rink was enclosed. This black and white photo is visible on the wall inside the rink.

Screen Shot 2015-01-09 at 4.39.13 PM

Residents with longer memories recall there was skating at “Ten Acres,” the site of the current Greenwich High School, and on Pomerance Pond.

Many residents grew up skating on Binney Pond, but the Town has not allowed skating on there since 2006. Not only was it a liability, but there were costs to measure, monitor and clean the ice.

The other challenge was that winters haven’t been all that cold and the pond isn’t always frozen hard in winter.

Some residents remember when the GHS Hockey Team practiced on the ice in Bruce Park. There were rink guards and four lights for skating at night.

Just a stone’s throw from the bagged bales of hay.