HATG To Present Checks Totaling $67,800 to Two Greenwich Family Self Sufficiency Recipients

The Housing Authority of the Town of Greenwich will award checks to Family Self Sufficiency program recipients, Jeff Gallagher and Narcizia Rey. One will receive a $62,000 check and another will receive $5,800.

Through the administration of Family Centers, the Family Self Sufficiency program is a HUD funded program that allows low income, public housing families to achieve economic independence by investing a portion of their rent into an interest bearing escrow account.

Credits to a family’s account are based on increased income earned by family members during the term of their contract. On completion of the FSS contract, a family may claim its escrow account, if no family member is receiving welfare assistance.

In a release on Sunday, the Housing Authority said that as they improve and expand, their mission is now more broadly defined than the conventional notion of brick and mortar.

“They eagerly encourage a sense of community, purpose, and personal growth, helping residents to shape their lives productively, the HATG said in the release.

Working in unique collaborative partnerships that tap a multitude of resources available within the Greenwich community and from state and federal organizations, the HATG has implemented a broad-based group of support services intended to strengthen family life, foster stable home environments, drug free living, independence and self-sufficiency.

Many of these initiatives are through the auspices of local agencies and organizations.

There are nearly 761 units in 15 properties under the HATG, including home-ownership condominiums, scattered-site housing, various developments and Parsonage Cottage.

The Housing Authority also administers 317 families through the Section 8 Program.

Total residents served through all programs is 2,574.

Through resident associations and with the help of professional staff and outside support agencies such as CCI, Family Centers and Dept of Social Services, residents are encouraged to learn, earn, manage and improve their lives.

“We are committed to provide the opportunity to live in quality, affordable housing through fiscally responsible asset management of our resources. By developing partnerships with our residents and the larger community, we will support the improvement of their quality of life,” HATG said in the release.

The checks will be presented on September 13, 2018, at 11:00 am in the Cone Room at Greenwich Town Hall.