Nugs Not Hugs: Garden Catering to donate 10,000 meals to first responders

The family owned chain is committed to providing 10,000 meals over the next two months, by donating 15% of proceeds of their top selling item, The Special.

Garden Catering is giving back to the many healthcare providers who have stayed the course through the Covid-19 outbreak.

All 8 stores located across Westchester, Fairfield and New Haven Counties will participate in the give-back initiative, called “Nugs Not Hugs,” as the program is driven by sales of their famous chicken nuggets in a bag during a time of social distancing.

Frank Carpenteri Jr, who owns the business with his father Frank Sr, and sister Tina said, “We’ve seen the outpouring of support for first responders over the past few weeks, and have been glad to help facilitate the delivery of donated food from our customers. But we felt called to do more.”

Tina Carpenteri, who directs catering operations, agreed.

“People want to help, and we all should where we can,” she said. “It’s nice to have a tangible way to contribute, and it gives all of our customers the chance to participate in the giving.”

“Our goal of donating 10,000 meals in the next two months is based on current sales,” Carpenteri added. “If people want to call in and donate a tray of food, or even $10 on their own, we can absolutely reach our goal sooner. Seeing that our stores cover about seven hospitals alone, we plan to feed a lot of people doing amazing work.”

The food donated through “Nugs Not Hugs” will not just be going towards medical professionals. Police & Fire Departments, EMS services, homeless shelters, community food pantries and even grocery and pharmacy workers will be part of the give-back.

“The last month has been unlike anything any of us have ever seen,” Tina said. “So many people’s lives have been flipped upside down, and we just want to do our part to help.”

“We want our customers to be part of this effort, and for our kids to see how one small act (in this case purchasing a Special), may seem insignificant, but can collectively have a tremendous impact. It’s good to have a feeling of coming together, especially during such a difficult time.”

To find out more about Nugs Not Hugs, please visit or visit Garden Catering’s social media pages.

If you are interested in donating to a specific organization or first responder, please email: [email protected].