GHS Student Collects Gently Used Toys for Family Centers Clients

Isabel Arzeno, a sophomore at Greenwich High School, is collecting toys, books, art materials, and costumes to donate to Family Centers for distribution to local children.

“I wanted to start a project to help kids and families during this hard time,” Isabel said, adding that Family Centers will distribute the donations to families who may be going through a hard time during the pandemic.

“I believe this project is important because it is proven that play can affect a child’s life in numerous ways,” Isabel said. “Among many other benefits, growing up playing promotes healthy child development, helps kids build independence and responsibility, and it builds a strong parent-child bond. It also contributes to the physical, social, cognitive, and emotional well being of a child.”

Isabel said she had already amassed a room full of donations through friends and family, but welcomes additional donations from the community. She noted many people are doing spring cleaning, but Goodwill and Salvation Army collection sites and bins have been closed due to the pandemic.

“I truly think that this project can immensely change kids’ lives at this moment in time by helping them to look for the light during this hardship, and by inspiring them to be resilient,” Isabel said.

To arrange coordinate a donation, (Y can drop off or have Isabel pick up your donations) contact her at [email protected]

The toy collection drive runs through June 8, 2020.