Endangered Species Field Trip to Woman’s Club of Greenwich


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Marcella Leone, founder and Director of LEO Zoological Conservation Center, recently visited The Woman’s Club of Greenwich.

“Animal people are born, and I am one of them,” said Leone, as she discussed her passion for wildlife and native wildlife rehabilitation.

Screen Shot 2014-11-25 at 2.15.32 AMMs. Leone delighted the Woman’s Club members by introducing them to “Teddy Bear,” a young Gibbon, a member of the ape family, and Daisy, a baby cheetah, one of eight born on Labor Day at The LEO Zoological Conservation Center.

Leone’s work takes place at The Leo Zoological Conservation Center, which is a breeding reserve for endangered species.

The vision of LEO Zoological Conservation Center to increase the number of at-risk animals saved throughout the world. By becoming a global conservation leader, locally supported preservation center, and educational resource, the center provides the most innovative, advanced knowledge and practical experience to conservationists.

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The philosophy of Leo Zoological Conservation Center is “Learn…Care… Act.”

The center’s goal is to share the animal world, and in the process make learning joyful. Ultimately Leone’s hope is that caring becomes a genuine concern, and acting on the behalf of animals becomes a priority for everyone.

The Conservation Center and is a fully accredited, 501 (c)(3) organization. More information is available on LEO Zoological Conservation Center website.

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