Fun Facts about the Upcoming Greenwich Plastic Bag Ordinance Implementation

Proud to be Plastic Bag Free

Plastic checkout bags will no longer be available at any business establishments operating in the Town of Greenwich starting September 12, 2018.

Bag exemptions include: Non checkout product bags—such as those used to protect or contain dry cleaned garments, curbside newspapers, and wet or food items (e.g. produce, meat, fish, flowers, bulk foods, bread and cheese).


What is a plastic checkout bag?

Plastic checkout bag is defined in the ordinance as: a bag that is less than 12 mil thick, that is made of plastic derived from fossil fuels or from a genetically modified organism bio-based source (such as corn or other plant sources), which is provided at checkout to transport items purchased from or provided by a business establishment.

Who is affected by this ordinance?

All Business Establishments operating in the Town of Greenwich.

Business Establishment is defined in the ordinance as: any person, business or non-profit entity that sells or provides merchandise, goods or materials, including, without limitation, clothing, food, or personal items of any kind, directly to a consumer, and includes, by way of example and not limitation, any grocery store, grocery delivery service, department store, hardware store, pharmacy, liquor store, restaurant, catering truck, convenience store, hospital, library, school, including temporary vendors at farmers markets, street fairs and school or Town sponsored events and facilities.

What happens if I do not comply?

If it is determined that a violation of the bag ordinance has occurred, the Conservation Commission or its designee shall issue a written warning notice to the Business Establishment for the initial violation.

If an additional violation of the ordinance has occurred after a warning notice has been issued for an initial violation, the Conservation Commission or its designee shall issue a notice of violation and shall impose a penalty against the Business Establishment.

The penalty for each violation that occurs after the issuance of the warning notice shall be: 1) $150 for the first offense; 2) $250 for the second offense and all subsequent offenses.

Net net:

1st – Warning

2nd – $150 penalty

3rd – $250 penalty

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