Featured Greenwich Farmers Market Vendor: Sprout Juice Bar

A new vendor at the Greenwich Farmers Market this summer, Sprout Raw Juice, has become a popular addition.

Their tent features fresh, local, organic, and seasonal juices with no sugar or dairy. Their juices are raw and must stay refrigerated.

Their mission emphasizes health, nutrition and sustainability.

Michele Leite (right) with Koko at the Sprout Raw Juice tent at the Greenwich Farmers Market. July 6, 2024 Photo: Leslie Yager

Michele Leite, a nutritionist who started the business with her husband, Anderson, a longtime chef, explained that he developed the health-conscious and delicious recipes from scratch.

Leite said that whereas their juices are raw, pressed and bottled daily in Milford, other companies pasteurize or high-pressure process their juices to extend their shelf life, stripping away naturally occurring probiotics, proteins, enzymes, vitamins and minerals.

“We source as much as we can locally and organically. We prep, juice and bottle on site so everything is done right,” she said.

Some may be familiar with Sprout Juice Bar from their participation in farmers markets including in Westport, Ridgefield, Milford and Old Greenwich.

In Milford, Sprout Juice Bar has a store, open 7 days a week, where they press the juices and bottle them. They also sell authentic acai bowls and vegan smoothies there – all without sugar or dairy.

“For instance we have a smoothie with Spirulina,” she said. “We also utilize bee pollen sourced locally.”

Leite said a local Milford farmer friend grows parsley, kale, celery, and fennel for their juices.

“We get lots of pulp from the cold press juicer that the farmer takes back to feed his alpaca and chickens  – and to compost.”

At the Greenwich Farmers Market, Leite said both of the green juices – “Sweet Green” and “Strong Green” – and Up Beet have all been very popular this summer.

The Sprout Juice Bar has a variety of juices in bottles at the farmers market in Greenwich.

Healthy: Sprouted almonds, filtered water, cold brew coffee, cacao, cinnamon, and monkfruit sweetener

All the juices are processed exclusively with lemon, with the exception of this almond-themed juice, “Healthy.”

“We sprout the almonds ourselves,” Leite said. “And we make our own almond milk for that. We soak the almonds for 24 hours and press them with the ingredients. We use unsweetened cacao in that so that you are getting the antioxidants from dark chocolate, but you’re not getting the sugar.”

“And we use a little coffee,” she added. “When we do make our recipes and batch our juices we get about 20-30 bottles, so the the amount of coffee that goes in is not incredible – it is a little bit of a cold brew coffee taste, but it is primarily an almond milk.”

Detox: Celery, apple, lemon and activated charcoal

Leite explained Detox has also been very popular at the Greenwich Farmers Market.

“It is made with activated charcoal, which comes from a coconut husk that turns to charcoal when it’s heated to a high temperature,” she explained. “Its purpose, once we ingest it, is to pull on impurities and toxins and release them. But you’re only going to taste apple, celery and lemon.”

Sweet Green: Spinach, parsley, cucumber, apple and lemon

The sweet green is very popular and a nice way to get into green juicing. The sweet version features spinach, parsley, cucumber, apple and lemon.

“The sweet green has spinach and Fiji apple so it is milder, but still nutritious.You’re getting all the great liquid chlorophyll from the green ingredients, but you’re not getting that real green taste,” she said.

Strong Green: Kale, parsley, cucumber, celery and lemon

The strong green is less sweet but very palatable. It is made without apple, and instead of spinach it features kale as well as parsley, cucumber, celery and lemon.

Carrot Bliss: Carrot, orange, lemon, turmeric and ginger

Leite said Carrot Bliss is very popular any time of year.

“We opened in Milford the summer of Covid, and had a lot of sick people coming in and juicing,” she recalled. “Carrot Bliss is very healthy for colds, flues, viruses and even allergies. It’s not medicinal, but certainly healthful.”

“It includes turmeric root and ginger root to reduce inflammation, as well as carrot which has a lot of fiber, Vitamin A and biotin,” she said.  “It also has vitamin C from orange and lemon, so you get two doses of vitamin C and two doses of anti-inflammatants in the roots.”

And, of course, carrots have numerous health benefits.

Fierce Pineapple: Pineapple, orange, lemon, mint and fresh ginger root
Well Being: Pineapple, matcha, lemon, lime, ginger and mint

Well Being is essentially the same recipe as Fierce Pineapple, but some organic matcha is whisked in, providing a slightly nutty taste and a little bit of a caffeine kick.

Believe: Filtered water, lemon, pineapple, Bragg’s Acv, Cayenne pepper, and raw honey

Leite described “Believe” as a staff favorite.

“It has cayenne pepper in it, so you want to make sure – as with all cold press raw juices – that you shake it really well. You can see the difference between shaken and not shaken. You don’t want that cayenne to be the last taste.”

Leite said some people consider cayenne pepper to have a fat burning component, which she couldn’t guarantee, but she believed it was a good metabolic booster.

“When I was carting around my youngest son, I’d keep a bottle in my car of a mix of water, lemon and cayenne pepper,” she recalled.

Up Beet: Beet, pineapple, fennel and lemon

Fit: Cucumber, mint, lemon and apple cider vinegar 

“Fit is also very popular,” Leite said. “Fit has cucumber, mint, lemon and apple cider vinegar which has good probiotics – and of course the Fiji apples. This is very light.”

Friends of the Market

The Friends of the Market special reflects a discount. Six packs are sold for $55, which represents a discount of $5.00.

Our Farmers Market Special, which is $55 for six juices instead of $60.

Bottle Recycling, Deliveries, Cleanses

Leite said Sprout will take back empties, and offer a bottle return card they mark so when customers bring back 12 bottles they get a complimentary juice of their choice.

“We try to keep everybody sustainable,” she said.

They also offer deliveries including to Greenwich, as well as a subscription service. Order either from the website.

Lastly, Leite said, “Our cleanses are very popular. We have a one-day cleanse, a 3-day cleanse and a 5-day cleanse. The cleanses consist of 6 juices a day. You drink them every 2 hours with a lot of water.”

“If you drink coffee or tea, continue to do so,” she said. “Because you don’t want to associate any negative feelings like fatigue or headache with the juice. It’s often the depletion of caffeine or not drinking enough water with those symptoms.”

Leite said people interested in selecting juices for a cleanse they pick up at the farmers market should call ahead of time since occasionally they sell out of some of the juice varieties.

“Also, we want to make sure they’re getting a well-rounded day of nutrition, so we don’t want someone to come in and pick six of the same juice,” she said. “We’ll pull the cleanse together for them. One of the first questions we ask is if there is whether they have any particular allergy or intolerance – a conversation is very much involved.”

• Greenwich

Find Sprout at the Saturday Farmers Market in Greenwich is located in Horseneck Lot off exit 3 of I95. It is open from 9:30 am to 1:00 pm. No dogs allowed.

For payment Sprout takes cash, credit cards and Apple Pay.

Explore sproutrawjuice.com website, including “How to do a Cleanse.”

The brick and mortar store in Milford, is where you can find the cold pressed juices from the farmers market, but also acai bowls, wellness shots, elixirs, and delicious smoothies is located at 37 River Street.
Tel (203) 283-4139
Email: [email protected]

Closer to Greenwich, there is a Sprout Juice bar inside Garelick & Herbs at  3611 Post Road in Southport, CT

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