Been Away on Vacation? Here’s What You Missed on GFP Last Week

Anyone who headed south for Greenwich Schools February break was lucky as temperatures in Greenwich were in the teens and single digits all week. Greenwich Police alerted residents over the weekend to take precautions against hazardous bitter cold temperatures.

Still the week was busy, especially in Town Hall where on Tuesday the Planning & Zoning commission heard testimony from Mike Finkbeiner, who is traced history of the former dump and incinerator. His talk was accompanied by historic maps from the Assessor’s office. The incinerator was installed in Chickahominy after Josephine Evaristo led a battle against the town for several years in the 1930s.

Josephine EvaristoJosephine Evaristo was a formidable woman. A charter member of the RTM when it was formed in 1932, Evaristo is most well known for battling the Town of Greenwich on a proposed incinerator for Chickahominy. She and neighbors brought their case to the Supreme Court of CT.

The case, known as DePalma versus Town of Greenwich, was adjudicated in 1937 by the Supreme Court of Connecticut. Allen Barton represented the Town of Greenwich, claiming the need for a dump and incinerator was urgent. According to a court judgement summary, “The Chickahominy site now involved was preferable to any of the others. Options to purchase the Adsit and Tesei sites were obtained and an application was made to the board of estimate and taxation to recommend to the town their purchase for a price of $26,500.” Read full story.

Screen Shot 2015-02-14 at 7.24.15 PMThe owner of Arthur Murray Grande Ballroom, Christine Georgopulo, was born on Valentine’s Day, and she celebrated on the dance floor along with a group from Abilis. “This is the best birthday I could possibly have,” said Georgopulo.

“Just seeing everyone having fun. We’re all just people who want love and happiness.”

Read full story.


Fred camilloState Rep Fred Camillo, the Republican from district 151, lives in Old Greenwich, but his roots are in Cos Cob and Chickahominy. And though he refers to Cos Cob fondly as the Garlic Belt, Camillo points out that the best meatballs came from the Armstrong Court kitchen of his grandmother, Rosie Camillo.

Camillo’s memories of Chickahominy extend over the property line to Holly Hill Resource Recovery Facility, which was known as the dump when his father had a garbage hauling route in town. “Not being a scientist, I am only going by my gut. But, you wouldn’t want to plant a garden at the dump.”

“Health and safety are paramount,” he said. “It’s better to be safe than sorry,” he added, referring to the neighbors’ request for thorough testing in the vicinity of the former dump, where for years smoke stacks belched smoke and everything including the kitchen sink was set aflame. Read full story.


Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 10.26.46 PMMike Finkbeiner introduced himself as a land surveyor and land use consultant representing a group of neighbors who live adjacent to Armstrong Court. “I’d like to bring some new information to your attention to clear up some issues that were raised at the December 9th meeting. I’ve been doing extensive research on the history of the waterways,” said Finkbeiner before delving into Chickahominy’s history, including the filling in of a pond in the northwestern corner of Armstrong Court.

Mr. Finkbeiner was given about 20 minutes to share historic maps of the former dump and the site that would become Armstrong Court. Mrs. DeLuca assured Mr. Finkbeiner that his presentation would be entered into the permanent record.

“The next step is to have a full blown hearing on the subject, which we’re happy to do,” Mr. Heller said at the end of the discussion. Read full story.


Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 10.35.42 PMOn Wednesday, Feb 11 the Zoning Board of Appeals entertained the application for Armstrong Court, and, specifically their request for an additional story in order to attach a peaked roof. Though there was no mention of possible contamination, nor Senator Blumenthal’s recent visit to the intersection of Booth Court and Armstrong Court, the ZBA did hear an overview on the state mandate for 10% housing stock in town to be “affordable.” Read entire story.


Screen Shot 2015-02-15 at 11.06.19 AMAnother controversial application was brought before the P&Z commission on Wednesday, Feb 11. Thomas Heagney, who represented the Audi dealership on West Putnam Ave, argued in favor of his client’s proposed addition of a parking tear and updated lighting after residential neighbors strenuously objected. The neighbors said they were fed up with car alarms going off and lights being left on all night. Read full story. Read full story.