New Leb Knows How to Get Down and Dance!

The New Lebanon School community will participate in a community dance on Wednesday October 7 from 6:15-7:45pm led by Peter and Mary Alice Amidon.

Peter will be calling to the live music of Mary Alice on piano accordion.

The evening will include dances from American and English social dance traditions that are engaging and accessible.

The school dance will coincide with a special school assembly and 6 dance workshops being taught in the kindergarten and 3rd grade classes by the Amidons throughout the day on Wednesday. The special school assembly will take place on Thursday 10/8.

“Traditional dance is alive and well,” said Peter Amidon. “These are the kinds of dances that have brought communities together for over 200 years.”

Peter and Mary Alice’s decades of experience as traditional dance musicians, leaders and teachers for children and adults; publishers of dance books, recordings on video and DVD for community dancing, along with their experience as performers of song and storytelling, make for an enjoyable evening of dancing to diverse groups of dancers, no matter what level or mixture of experience.

The Amidons have led dancing in schools, communities and music teacher conferences throughout the United States.

They are founding members of “New England Dancing Masters,”” publishers of books, CDs and DVDs of traditional dances and singing games used by thousands of music teachers throughout the United States.

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