GPD UPDATE: Police Assaulted after Man Threatened to Kill Them, Minor Children on Scene

Greenwich Police updated information on the New York man arrested on Sunday following a physical scuffle with officers who responded to a report of an apartment being vandalized.

According to the updated release, Mr. Moran forcefully removed a cell phone from a juvenile victim’s hand while the victim was trying to dial 911, refused to comply with officers, physically threatened to kill officers on scene, and made verbal threats against their families.

Juvenile children were present throughout the incident.

Original Story: It was Mother’s Day when Greenwich Police responded to Cos Cob on a report that Robert Moran, 33, of 7127 65th street in Glendale, NY had vandalized a residence.

Officers advised Mr. Moran that he was under arrest and he was ordered to lie on the ground.

Mr. Moran disregarded the orders and attempted to flee. He was taken to the ground by several officers but actively resisted and before he was finally handcuffed.

During the scuffle, Mr. Moran was injured and he injured three officers. According to a statement from Greenwich Police, Mr. Moran made numerous threats to officers during and after the struggle.

According to Lt David Nemecek of Greenwich Police, all three officers were treated at the emergency room for their injuries and released. As of Monday morning, Mr. Moran had yet to be released from the hospital. Greenwich hospital doctors treated Moran’s non-life threatening injury and have kept him as a patient.

When he is released to Greenwich Police Moran will be charged with:

Disorderly Conduct, Criminal Mischief, Robbery 3, Risk of Injury to a Minor (3 counts), Interfering with an Emergency Call (2 counts), Interfering with an Officer and Threatening 2 (two counts).

“If he had complied with officers, he wouldn’t have gotten hurt,” Lt. Nemecek said during the Monday press briefing. “He was told to comply, but he decided to bring a fight. Now four people are hurt.”

Mr. Moran’s bond is set at $100,000. He has a court date scheduled in Stamford Superior Court on Tuesday, May 16, 2017.