GHS Students Showcase Some Special Artwork at Exhibit


Left: Ben, Center: Remi, Right: Klaus

Greenwich High School held an art exhibit for three exceptionally young artists: Remi Lagana, Klaus Marins, and Ben Beloff. The show was organized by art teacher, Julie Nixon.

Family, along with the support of friends and teachers, came to watch the opening reception of the students’ artwork displays. The event was held from 2:30 to 3:30 in the GHS media center.

IMG_2968Remi Lagana is a junior in Dr. Ardalan’s Advanced Art class, and in Ms. Nixon’s Advanced Drawing class.

His artwork display showcases paintings based off his observations, imaginations, and memory. Dr. Ardalan describes Remi as a student who draws what he sees and that his artwork is representational and comes from the soul. Remi’s paintings use bold colors

and provide realistic interpretations of everyday objects or memories from his vacations.

FullSizeRender (2)Klaus Marins is a freshman who is also taking AP Art alongside his classmate Remi. Dr. Ardalan shares how Klaus is a creative student in which his artwork comes from his “heart and soul.”  Some paintings have the names of his friends and classmates. Klaus’ paintings vary from bolded words to colorful brushstrokes.

IMG_2971Ben Beloff is a senior in Mrs. Nixon’s Advances Art class.  Ben’s mother expresses how art provides him an outlet because language is challenging for him.

“Art allows him to express things that he can’t say verbally,” she said, adding that his art taps into his emotions.

Some of Ben’s artwork are symbolic with defined shapes and lines, while others are represented through color and brushstrokes.

The  amount of talent that these students possess was impressive. Their artwork displays were unique, beautifully crafted, and extremely expressive. These students didn’t have to say a word.  Their paintings spoke for themselves.


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