Art Opening, Thursday, December 8: “Reclaim Reprocess” at the Flinn Gallery

“Reclaim, Reprocess” opens at the Flinn Gallery at the Greenwich Library on Thursday evening, December 8 with a cocktail reception from 6-8 pm.

The show runs until January 18 and features five contemporary artists who have applied their talents to create works that utilize discarded materials and the by-products of today’s consumer culture to create works of art.

Reclaim, Reprocess seeks to inspire and challenge people to think about how we can reuse waste in creative and innovative ways.

Using imagination and aesthetic sensibility, they have crafted pieces that please the eye while offering respite from the environmental burden of accumulated waste.

This timely exhibit addresses environmental concerns while delighting viewers with aesthetically exciting pieces that reflect the same ingenuity that inspired earlier generations to craft patchwork quilts and rag rugs.

Safeguarding the environment is an issue of mounting public concern, and it seems fitting to display the works of artists who produce thoughtful creations that address the issue.

Artists Work:

Constance Old employs a rug hooking technique to design three-dimensional wall hangings from everyday materials like recycled paper, plastic, and construction fencing.

'I Own This' by Constance Old

‘I Own This’ by Constance Old

Jaynie Crimmins uses shredded junk mail rolled into tiny elements and stitched together like her grandmothers crocheted rugs to create pieces with textural surfaces reflecting nature’s harmony.

'Tottemette 1' by Jaynie Crimmins

‘Tottemette 1’ by Jaynie Crimmins

Jonathan Mess, a sculptor, reclaims ceramic pieces and reshapes them using casting slip and discarded glazes fired at different temperatures in cardboard molds producing “abstract landforms.”

'Reclaim No.26 Cross Sections' by Jonathan Mess

‘Reclaim No.26 Cross Sections’ by Jonathan Mess

Joanne Ungar focuses her attention on today’s excessive packaging by using layered wax and pigments on recycled cartons to form collages.

'Fluticasone' by Joanne Unger

‘Fluticasone’ by Joanne Unger

Alice Hope directs her talents to repurposing objects whose use has expired like aluminum can tabs into artworks that suggest a new dimension of scale, pattern, and placement.

'Hope March' by Alice Hope

‘Hope March’ by Alice Hope

“Reclaim, Reprocess” is a visual tribute to artistic imagination unleashed to call attention to today’s environmental concerns about waste. These artists have turned detrius into décor.

Reclaim, Reprocess has been curated by Ruth Sutcliffe Heagney and Sallie Baldwin.

Creative spirits among us enliven our existence. Enjoy this show, which is visionary, stimulating and whimsical.

Within the song “Everything Old Is New Again” written by Peter Allen and co-written with Carole Bayer Sager – its lyrics contain the essence of this show (the song first appeared on his 1974 album Continental American.)

“Don’t throw the pa-ast away

You might need it some rainy day

Dreams can come true again

When everything old is new again”


December 8

Opening cocktail reception from 6-8. First look at the exhibit.

December 9

5 – 8 pm the gallery will open before the library’s Friday Film Series features the movie Waste Land at 8 pm.

December 10

Artist Talk in the gallery, 2 pm

January 7
Artist Talk in the gallery, 2 pm

The Flinn Gallery, sponsored by the Friends of the Greenwich Library, is located on the second floor of the library’s main branch at 101 West Putnam Avenue, Greenwich CT.

The gallery is open daily Monday to Saturday 10-5, Thursday until 8, and Sunday 1-5. For more information, please call the gallery: 203.622.7947



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